Pixelogy Arts | Bio
Bio of a Pixelogist
A Navy brat from the moment of conception, I spent my formative years living and traveling the world, experiencing first-hand the magnificent art and architecture of Europe. There was no greater creative education for budding artist like myself then being surrounded by centuries of great art. Flexing my artistic curiosity, I sought out to experience all the art forms I could get my hands on, relishing in the act of creating something from nothing and feeling a unique and proud bond with all the great artists who came before me.

First attending the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston and then graduating in 92’ from the Maine College of Art with a BFA in Sculpture, I set my sights high and launched into a journey of artistic experiences that included Traditional Sign Painter, Architectural Stone Carver, Inlaid Exotic Wood Floor Artist, Gravestone and Monument Artisan, Ornamental and Decorative Blacksmith, Stained Glass and Mosaic Business Owner, Graphic Designer and lastly Photographer and Pixelogist-Retoucher/Digital Artist.

In Photography and through 12 years of using Photoshop, I've found a creative outlet that allows me to channel all my experiences and skills into a single medium, providing me the opportunity to digitally create new and more compelling realities on a pixel-by-pixel level. The visual possibilities are as endless as the ideas that feed them and the work is always creatively stimulating and technical demanding, requiring every last drop of my “OCD” attention to detail. And because of that, I find there is no better avenue for flexing my creative muscles and realizing my artistic potential.

I currently live in Fort Myers, Florida, where I live in a house made of pixels with my wife Zofia, my son Zane and a Yorkie-Poo named Bolt.